Broadcast live to the web

1Stop Live is a broadcasting platform which is doing something a bit different.

Basically a one man band, 1Stop Live is the realisation of one man's dream to be able to broadcast live audio & video streams from anywhere on the planet with a decent uplink to a remotely controlled server. This is the opposite of Big Tech - one guy in a shed doing his own thing and not caring what anyone thinks.

1Stop Live is an emerging platform which could evolve into a community in the future, where music & video brings people together across the world.....

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Live broadcast

1Stop Live offers clients the option to stream directly from their premises, uplink connection a given, or to send their content to us and we will stream it from our base here, or from the server directly.

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1Stop Live offers clients the facility to conduct audio or video calls, configure users, rooms, or groups, share screens, and record sessions. Online secured data storage is available to authorised users.

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Project Management

1Stop Live offers clients the facility to fully manage a project with all media and shared data access. Resource management is intregral as is fully managed user access.

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